CAR TAX CHANGES - New UK road tax rules in 2014

DVLA issue millions of paper tax discs to the car owners every year. You always had to show your tax disc on your vehicle windscreen at all times by law.

New road tax rules came into force this month from 1st October. How will these changes effect you ?

DVLA issue millions of paper tax discs to the car owners every year. You always had to show your tax disc on your vehicle windscreen at all times by law, this showed we’d paid Vehicle Excise Duty. But from 1st of October the current system will be scrapped and replaced fully by a digital record of which cars are taxed.

The tax disc we are all use to displaying brings nearly 100 years to an end, 1921 was the first year car tax disc were introduced. After all this time, it’s been a required fixture in everyone’s car windscreen. Car Tax is worked out by the CO2 emissions level of your car or engine size. Police and traffic enforcement officers have used the discs as a quick and easy way to ensure a car is fully taxed – but now they have access like car insurance checks to simple so a check on the car reg and find everything out about the vehicle, this is made all the more easier with everything going online. Cameras also now of late can pick up if a car is both insured or has valid car tax on it, so they just pick this data up from running a quick database check rather than having to look physically at the windscreen of passing cars etc.

DVLA should save money from the printing and postage etc of the old paper car tax discs, and cut down on staffing time to process forms etc. This is the thought anyway as many other people think the costs in chasing non taxed vehicles will far outweigh the money the being saved by not printing the paper discs for display.

How will this effect me ?

Nothing will change for you personally until your existing car tax expires, then when you renew you will be found with some new options. On the new system you can pay for your car tax monthly now, if you want at a 5% subcharge. This is something that you previous only had the option of paying 6 or 12 months at the one time. When you renew you will not get a new paper tax disc so you will have to find some other interesting bit of paper to put into your tax disc holder!

The other way the new car tax will effect you directly is when you now buy or sell your car. With old system you could pass on your tax on the car to the new buyer of the car – but now when you sell your car – your tax ends at that same time too on that vehicle. So the new owner will need to tax the car from the initial point they take ownership. So if you now think of your car tax as a more personal thing in that, you will need to arrange your own tax for your car as soon as you buy it.

Drivers can still purchase their car tax at the post office or via the phone. When you existing car tax is due for renewal DVLA will sent you out your reminder with direct debit form option attached now.

It will feel strange not putting a tax disc on your car windscreen come the time, as it is what everyone is used to, but this is the digital age and we are sure to see more and more everyday things going this route too!

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